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With me, the technology in your business becomes super easy!

Can you believe it? This will be great!


Known from:


You have come to the right place if ...

... you would now like to bring your business online, but you don't yet know exactly how to do it

... you need technical advice on which website or online shop is right for you

... you are afraid to click on something wrong

... you lack the technical knowledge of how your online shop can generate more sales

... you have no idea how people can find you better on Google

... you would like to take the first steps with someone

... you sometimes miss a little step in your buttocks so that you can move forward

... you would like to have someone with whom you can share successes, but also with whom you can master small challenges more easily

Nice that you're here!

That's why you need me!

Present yourself and your business authentically!

Save yourself time and nerves and let us support you:

  • I build your website:  

    • Mobile-Optimized, Google-Friendly,Easy to use!


  • I will set up your newsletter for you:

    • With Freebee, easy to use and with design template.

  • I'll set you up an email funnel that works.


  • I set up your online course with the best tool for you!


  • Would you like your own podcast? I'll show you how it's done!

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The next SEO online course will start in spring 2021. Would you like to be there?


Free of charge


Do you want to know how to get your business online? Please listen to my podcast.

my podcast

iTunes, Spotify

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Would you like to know what I can do for you? Book a consultation appointment directly.





Have you had this idea in your head for a while? You have the feeling that this is exactly what the world needs right now and you would like to finally earn your money with it?

But you're still missing the starting point and you don't know which steps to take first?

Then the 2-day workshop in Berlin Mitte with Juliane Krüger-Oechsle and I is just right. 20./21. May! 

About me

Product fan with all my heart

Your result after our collaboration:

You are technically well positioned and have all the tools for your business that you need & can also use them (if you want).

Why me?

People and products are my passion. I love listening to people and showing them how to take their ideas to the next level.

I have been working as a product manager in the IT environment for more than 12 years and have learned a lot. As an IT & Business Consultant, I would like to share that with you and, above all, implement it directly for you.

What do my customers say about our collaboration:

My knowledge for you

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