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Business Starter 3-month program

Do you love your business, but have you spent many hours starting a website that you don't like or haven't even started yet?

You want someone who can tell you exactly what you can sell and oversee your entire business idea.

Would you like to have an online course or a podcast, but you don't know how to do it?

Would you like to have a magic wand with which someone can simply give you all the tools and technology for your business exactly the way you want it - without you having to do anything about it?

HERE I AM! Let me do that for you!

I will advise you on the strategy, your offer and the marketing strategy.

I will implement everything for you and explain to you afterwards how it works. Deal?

What does the Business Starter do for you?

3-month program?

Your IT & tools are in place

I build everything you need for the business of your heart. Website, online shop newsletter, blog, online course, social media channel, CANVA... you got it.

Mindset support

You're not alone. I'll show you how to get through the challenging days in business when the voice in your head scares you.

Money Mindset

Yes, your business success also has to do with your money mindset. We also look at this regularly and I give you my top tips and show you how you can do good AND earn enough money yourself.

Visibility & content planning

Visibility and sticking with it is the key to every business success. I'll show you how you don't get burned out from all the posting here and there.

Learn to sell

Do you think you're super bad at selling? I do not believe you. And I'll show you how you enjoy it and what you can do about it.

Processes & procedures

Sounds boring, but it's fun when your business runs automatically, customers can book appointments, pay you automatically and you can sit in the park with a coffee and your products are sold.

When is the Business Starter Program

something for you?

You don’t want to build your website yourself. If everything were possible, you wouldn't have to do anything related to IT and technology.

You want your business tools to just work and you don't have to do anything. Like your tax program, your customer payment program, your appointment calendar tool, your online course tool, and and and...

You want to work with someone, especially in the beginning, who you can ask any questions, who you meet regularly, and who is always there if you have a question.

What is your result?

Website auf verschiedenen Geräten

We see each other weekly and always discuss what the next important steps are!

I have been working in IT and product development for more than 15 years. I love implementing ideas in websites, online courses, online shops, podcasts and all the tools you need for your business.

I'll also show you how you can really save time with AI tools like Chat GPT.

So you don't have to worry about anything, you can start with a ready-made business. You have the best tools and you know how they work - but I'll take care of the "annoying" setting-up, fancy-dressing and testing to make sure everything works.

You also have an offering strategy of what you sell as free and what your paid offers are.

The Business Starter program is

perfect for you if...

  • You don't feel like doing everything alone all the time

  • You want a bit of business strategy - a small guide included

  • You want to talk to someone regularly who will prioritize all of your tasks and work through them with you little by little. You are not alone!

  • IT/technology & tools are simply not your thing, but you would like to overcome the technology barrier in your head.

  • When you have so many ideas in your head but have no idea how to implement them all.

ANJA GRIGOLEIT_3_by_Karoliina_Paasonen_websize.jpg

Why me?

ANJA GRIGOLEIT_2_NEW_by_Karoliina_Paasonen_websize.jpg

Because I'm a little bundle of energy who sparkles with ideas all day long.

If I could choose someone to advise my business, then I would choose someone who has over 15 years of experience in online business, who has been rocking their own business for almost 4 years and who knows exactly where you are at the moment loves to unravel tangles of thoughts.

And someone with a good dose of empathy who can perceive and understand you and your business precisely and loves the implementation.

I'll put it like this:

Just Do it - could have been written by me. :-)

Your Anja

Customer voices

We tackle these topics step by step

Business Starter 3 Monatsprogramm 2023 Anja Grigoleit Beratung.jpg

This is how the 3-month program works


1:1 time with me

We meet regularly via Zoom.

  • Everything starts with getting to know each other personally - we meet for 1 day in your city or in Potsdam, get to know each other personally and get started together (including in the DACH-RAUM)

  • 60 minutes 1x per week - 1:1 appointments with me (max. 12 appointments)

  • We look at your business strategy and your offer and clarify directly what you can sell starting tomorrow! Until everyone understands what you are offering.

  • I build your website (max. 5 pages) or your online shop (Shopify - max. 3 pages)

  • I build your online course, blog or podcast (depending on your business)

  • I will set up all the tools you need for your business

  • 5 days a week WhatsApp support (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

  • A total of 8 hours of technical implementation are included after implementing the website/online shop

  • I'll show you how to get your business to at least 5 figures per month!

We've been a team for 3 months and we're traveling at the speed of light!

Workbooks & Tools

This is what you also get:

  • All meeting recordings

  • Knowledge database in Elopage with explanatory videos

  • Links to all online business tools and AI tools for your business

  • Instructions for all your tools and how to use them

  • Recommendations for good tax advisors, data protection officers, lawyers (if desired)

I'm happy for you!

Secure your appointment now

My calendar is freely viewable.

Check directly whether your desired date for our introductory appointment is still available.

Your investment:

3 months for €5,990 (plus VAT)

Installment payments in up to 3 installments are possible.

My team of experts for special questions


Workbooks & Tools

You don't need to look long, as a Business Start customer you have access to my network of experts:

  • Specialist lawyer for general terms and conditions

  • Data protection consultant

  • Tax advisor

  • Trademark attorney

  • Ads specialist

You deserve it!


Secure your appointment now

This program is my absolute VIP program!

You are the center of attention! You will see results quickly because we meet weekly!

You deserve to take the fast lane!!!

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