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This is how you market your online shop - a weekly plan

It can be easy - created by Chat GPT and me

This is how the content planning for your online shop could look like on your social media channels. Monday: Post a short video that shows your product in action or tells an interesting story related to it. Maybe also the story of how you found/developed the product or how you came up with the idea for your shop. Write a blog post about how to best use your product or the benefits it offers. Tuesday: Post a picture of a happy customer using your product with a short quote from them. Write a post on Facebook or Instagram announcing a special promotion (e.g. a discount code, a limited edition, etc.). For example Easter 2023. Wednesday: Create an infographic that presents interesting facts or statistics about your product or industry. Or a carousel post - the algorithms love it and bring you new customers. Share a link to an article or video related to your product or industry that might be of interest to your customers. Thursday: Publish a short video showing behind the scenes of your online store how your product is made or how it is packaged. Write a blog post about the history of your online shop, how it came about and what goals you are pursuing. Friday: Post an image or video that shows your product in a special setting, like it's being used in a great location, or in a specific situation. Write a post on Facebook or Instagram in which you refer to a special campaign (e.g. a raffle or a competition). Saturday: Create a guide or tutorial on how to do a DIY project with your product or how to use it in a special way. Share a quote or success story from a customer who has used your product. Sunday: Post an image or video that showcases your product in an unusual way that will draw your customers' attention. Write a post on Facebook or Instagram mentioning an event or trade show you'll be attending over the next week. This is just an example of a one-week content plan. It is important that you adapt your content plan to your target audience and your offer and update it regularly to deliver relevant and interesting content. And of course you check which content is best received by your followers and then adapt your content accordingly. Would you like support? Then get your introductory appointment now:

And of course there are many more possibilities. Feel free to visit me on Instagram and follow me: Your Anya If you have any questions, you can send me an email at any time:



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