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Your own website in 4 weeks... this way...

That's why you need the 7 Life Savers

  • Your time - How long does it take you to figure out what to use for your newsletter delivery? And then how long do you need to know how the tool works?

  • Your money - Have you ever spent money on tools that you didn't enjoy or that just didn't work? I have tested all tools for several years and found the best selection for you.

  • Your joy - I can tell you, your business will only be successful if you have fun with it! With my 7 Life Saver Tools you will enjoy your business. It will feel easy and you will notice how quickly you get things done in your business.

  • Your customers - With the 7 Life Saver Tools you also make it easy for your customers - to contact you, to book an appointment with you, to book your services. Yeah for more customers!

Meine Webseite in 4 Wochen - Gruppenprogramm 2023 - Anja Grigoleit.jpg
Meine Webseite in 4 Wochen - Gruppenprogramm 2023 - Anja Grigoleit.jpg

That's in for you

  • 7 modules

  • 38 short explanatory videos that you can go through step-by-step

  • 7 Q&A sessions - here you can get rid of all open questions

  • Checklists for the most important topics so that you don't forget anything

  • My life hacks from 15 years of technology business - technology has never been so easy for you - I promise you.

  • I have a degree in psychology and by chance ended up as an IT project manager after completing my studies

  • Then I worked in startups and larger companies for over 13 years, where I helped to design IT systems and build them with teams

  • I've always been the interface between technology and management - so I can explain everything easily and understandably

  • I love my tools and I love showing you how much fun your business will be with the 7 tools


This is me

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