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Strong business (re)start for women

Get everything you need for your business:

strong images

strong website

strong why

strong middle


That's why we designed this magical weekend

When what belongs together comes together.
We are Andrea, Anja and Karoliina.
Energy coach & business coach, technology implementer & web designer, photographer & videographer.

We have bundled all this expertise for you.

Together we found out if we had had someone (or several) at the beginning of our self-employment who would provide us with great pictures, the website, our individual customer magnet and also the energy tips for a permanently successful self-employment and everyday life in self-employment had asked, we would have been successful even 1000x faster!

That's exactly what we want to give you!
Sustainable success with the business that really suits you.


Andrea Wiedau
- Energy, Nutrition & Business Coach - 

Andrea is our bundle of energy. For decades she has researched how one feels fit and energetic in everyday life and what that has to do with nutrition. She will also advise you on your personal business Why's & find out how you can most easily attract customers and how you can be successful in the long term and feel good about it. With over 31 years of experience as an entrepreneur, she is the experienced power woman in the team.


Caroline Paasonen
- Photographer & Videographer - 

Karoliina is the northern lights of our round. Growing up in Sweden and therefore an absolute NATURAL TALENT in the field of photography and videography, she has been taking photos and videos of women for more than 20 years who have that very special something and show YOUR WHOLE ME.


Anja Grigoleit
- Web designer, technology implementer & business coach - 

Anja is our technology genius. It will help you to put your ideas into practice on your own website and later to be able to make adjustments yourself. She is also a social media professional and will share all the secrets for successful social media marketing in the live workshop. She has been working in the IT & business sector for more than 15 years and has learned online business from scratch.


What awaits you

TEAM by AURA.jpg

Three powerful women who know how successful business works. This live workshop will be conducted with a lot of joy ✨ and humor ✨ and pure love of life!!!

An absolute turbo booster for your idea and your business and a tremendous time saver.

23 to 24 September 2023 at Landgut Stober


Behnitzer Dorfstrasse 27-31
14641 Nauen OT Gross Behnitz

By train to Nauen
(approx. 35 minutes from Berlin Hauptbahnhof)
Accessible from anywhere by car.

Browse directly at the estate.

Immerse yourself in the magical location of NEW and old