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How to Facebook Live with Zoom - Instructions with the new Facebook Live layout - from April 2020

It's always the same. You want to make a nice Facebook Live for your community and then you want to make it special and for example:

  1. Appear live with several people, for example an interviewee

  2. Share the live video afterwards on other platforms (e.g. YouTube) or

  3. One would like to show a presentation with slides in live, for example to be able to explain something better - if it can be even clearer

And then you try your best to stop everything on Facebook and quickly get on the verge of madness. That’s how I’ve felt for the past few weeks. Due to the conversion of Facebook, all of the instructions that existed up to now are actually wrong, because everything looks different again in the new Facebook layout and sometimes works differently.

So that this doesn't cost you any more nerves, I have listed all the steps for you so that you can realize both A or B or C or everything at the same time.

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