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Your funnel in business

You have no idea where your customers are currently coming from and how to guide them to your products and, above all, how to convince them of your offers?

Let me handle that for you!

I will show you how to attract even more customers, how they can then enter your cosmos and how you can continuously and, above all, automatically send them information about your heart products.

When is Funnel made for you in business?

You already have a few followers,  but so far not as many paying customers have emerged as you would like.

You already have ideas about which products your interests should buy, but how they actually buy the products and how they find out about the products is not clear to you.

Customers always only buy your cheapest product, but nothing after that? I'll create an email funnel with you that will pop and you'll start selling more expensive products.

What are you going out with?

Newsletter Funnel.png


You finally want to know how you attract your customers and how they find out about your products?

You finally want an automated process where your prospects automatically register for your products and you automatically inform them about your products and then buy them from you?

Then you need a funnel - a sales funnel.

Funnel in your business is exactly what you need.

What does this funnel bring you in business?

A really real funnel

Oh yeah, I'll set you up a real funnel - and you don't have to do anything yourself - except of course tell me about your business.


Always... and really always, a sales funnel also leads to more clarity in your offer. The clearer you know what you offer customers and why they need your product, the more sales. Success Guaranteed.

Paying customers

With your funnel, we bring your prospects step by step to the right product and happy people will buy your products.

No annoying selling

Another big advantage of a funnel is that you don't have to constantly announce your products. You do what you enjoy, attract interested parties and the funnel automatically leads them to the products. Little effort for you! yeah

This workshop is for you if...

  • You would like to turn your prospects into more paying customers

  • If you want to win customers without doing a lot

  • If you just don't know how to technically set up a good sales funnel

  • If you don't always want to do everything alone

  • If you want customers to just tumble in because they have been drawn into your spell bit by bit

Frau mit Tablet

Why me?


Because I'm a little bundle of energy, bursting with ideas all day long.

If I could choose someone to advise my business, I would choose someone who has more than 15 years of experience in online business, who has been rocking his own business for almost 2 years and who knows exactly where you are right now and it loves to unravel tangles of thoughts again.

And someone with a good dose of empathy who can perceive you and your business closely.

Here I am.

Customer voices

Rosa Biazzo, 2021

"It is always a pleasure to work with Anja. I set up my first funnel with her and developed a sophisticated strategy and I am more than enthusiastic about Anja's professionalism and passion in what she does. I can only recommend her support to anyone who wants to scale their business in a well thought-out manner. Anja asked me the right questions at all times, because it was important to her from the start that the business we were building should not be scaled in any way, but that it should be tailored to me and my living conditions. What also always inspires me is her structured and forward-looking planning, her conscientiousness and the friendly way in which she is always there to help me with any question."

This is how the funnel works in business


1:1 time with me

We meet regularly on site in Potsdam (if you like also on my houseboat) or at your office or via zoom.

  • 3 hour workshop on your sales funnel for your business success - this is how you win long-term customers!

  • Technical implementation of your funnel

  • Additional 2 hours 1:1 per month

  • 3 months 1:1 support via Whatsapp

  • With video learning, so that you later know how everything works

Workbooks & Tools

This is also included:

  • Recording of all meetings (if desired)

  • a summary of all To Do's

  • Project plan for your funnel

  • Video recording for all steps of your funnel if you later want to change or adjust something yourself

  • A tool list for all the tools you need related to your business funnel

I'm happy for you!


Secure your appointment now

My calendar is your calendar... Check directly whether your desired date is still available.

Book your introductory appointment for Funnel in my business and show me that you really want to up-level your business.

3 months funnel in business with me costs 3,333 euros plus VAT.

You will receive an invoice after the workshop.

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