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My authentic Voice

You don't want to pretend, but still want to tell everyone about your service and your vision? But you have no idea how to do it and how to express yourself?

I feel you! Instagram is not for everyone, videos or blog articles are not for everyone.

Together we will find your authentic channel and your dream customers and develop a strategy that you can live with and that fits into your life.

When is this workshop made for you?

You have the feeling that you have to adjust yourself every day on your social media channel and posting content costs you an incredible amount of energy.

You like sharing information about your business, but after sharing for 3 or more days straight, you feel uninspired.

You get feedback on your content, but somehow only friends and acquaintances follow you and not your potential customers. You are unsure whether your customers will really find you.

What do you leave the workshop with?

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You will finally know how to best address your customers. via video? By blog? By podcast? Or completely different?

I want to find out!

You will finally be sure where your dream customers are hiding, you will know your perfect channel and you will receive instructions on what you can pay attention to on your channel and how you can attract dream customers there as quickly as possible.

What does this workshop bring you?

Authentic voice

You'll stop posting all the time when you really don't feel like it, and you won't feel the need to dance in a video anymore.

The Do's & Don'ts

You finally know what you can pay attention to on your customer channel and how you can use it most easily for your business.

Your customer channel

You finally realize where your dream customers are hiding all day.

your business idea

Someone with 15 years of experience in developing online products listens to your vision and gives you feedback.

This workshop is for you if...

  • You are passionate about your vision, but you have the feeling that you are not going in the right direction yet

  • You don't feel completely good with your social media presence yet

  • You want someone to tell you what is right for you

  • You always feel that your dream customers have not yet been able to get to know you

  • You would like to show yourself and your personality and don't want to be just any person because "that's supposedly how it's done"

An Ideen denken

Why me?


Because I'm a little bundle of energy, bursting with ideas all day long.

If I could choose someone to advise my business, I would choose someone who has more than 15 years of experience in online business, who has been rocking his own business for almost 2 years and who knows exactly where you are right now and it loves to unravel tangles of thoughts again.

And someone with a good dose of empathy who can perceive you and your business closely.

Here I am.

Customer voices

Hannah Dettmar, 2021

“Anja totally helped me to start my business in a completely different way. Together we could be incredibly creative & develop wonderful ideas! I can only recommend everyone, book a package with Anja & your company will make an incredible development!!!"

This is how the workshop works


1:1 time with me

We meet on site in Potsdam, at your office or via Zoom.

In about 1.5 hours, I will guide you to your dream customer channel and your Authentic Voice - i.e. the way you are allowed to address customers - using my tried-and-tested catalog of questions and 15 years of experience.

Workbooks & Tools

As a follow-up you get:

  • the recording of the workshop

  • a summary of your Authentic Voice

  • Your workbook for yours  Dream customer channel with all the do's and don'ts

  • A tool list for all the tools you need in connection with your dream customer channel

I'm happy for you!

Secure your appointment now

My calendar is your calendar... Check directly whether your desired date is still available.

Book your workshop date for 790 euros net directly using the button below.

You will receive an invoice after the workshop.

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